Tools for a Modern Network Engineer

  • Laptop

    Intel or Power PC, Windows / Linux / OS X doesn’t matter. What does is the abilty to capture network traffic and log into network devices via a serial console. It is also going to need to be able to run the craft terminals for all the equipment in your network. Soft copies of manuals etc are really usefull.

  • Console Cables

    For all the devices that you might need to fix at 3a.m. As a rule I generally cable tie a console cable in place when I install equipment in a site so that the correct cable is always available to a field engineer when they go onsite.

  • Four Way Block

    Those sockets are never where they need to be. 10m is enough to cover most situations.

  • UTP Cables

    Standard and Crossover required. Minimum 3m in lenght. Usually more than one is required. A crossover adapter can be used in place of a crossover cable.

  • UTP Cable Tester

    Remember always check the cables.

  • UTP Crimper

    RJ45 and RJ11 both.

  • Fibre Patch Cables

    For all the common connections you might need. So in my case that would be SC-SC, SC-LC, SC-MU and LC-LC Single Mode and SC-SC, SC-LC and LC-LC Multimode.

  • Optical Power Meter

    To check that the blinky lasers are bright enough. I quite like the KI7600 from Kingfisher because it has a large easy to read screen which has a back light. The simple things matter.

  • Fibre Cleaning Cassette

    To stop dirt getting the the way of the blinky lasers. Cleaning tips for the inside of connectors are handy to have.

  • Video Fibre Viewer

    To check that the fibre really is clean. Video based so you never look into fibre directly. This is really only neccessary for those hard to solve problems or if working on high power DWDM systems where dust poses a fire risk. Have a look at this unit

  • Toolkit
    • Phase Tester
    • No. 1,2,3 Flat Head Screwdriver
    • No. 1,2,3 Philips Head Screwdriver
    • No. 1,2,3 Pozi Head Screwdriver
    • Snips
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Pliers
    • Stanley Knife
    • Measuring Tape (marked in rack U as well as mm)
  • Leatherman

    Just too damn handy.

  • Cable Ties

    To keep things where they belong.

  • Electical Tape

  • Label Printer

    Labels on everything please.

  • Cage Nuts

    Along with one of those handy insertion tools which can be found at radionics part number 548-653.

  • Multimeter

    For doing D.C. power work and general testing.

  • Bootlace Ferrules & Crimp

    Pesky electrical safety rules. Used primarily for D.C. power cabling. A colection of lugs and spade connecters will probably be handy to have also.

  • Torch

    I would suggest both a headtorch like the Petzl Tikka Plus or similar for when you need your hands to be free and possibly a LED handheld such as the Inova XO for general purpose usage.

  • Pelican Case

    To put all of these tools into. Since I am lazy one with wheels is a good idea.

  • BOB

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