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After sitting through Eoin O’Dell (photo below) talking about the legal challenges facing bloggers I am tempted never to post anything on the internet ever again. Barcamp was good fun and I was sorry to have to leave early and miss some of the later talks that I was interested in. Hopefully those who came [...]


This was orignally ment to be a write up myself and Peter’s adventures at LAMM last year but I never quite got arround to posting it. This years lamm is fast approaching and I have yet to enter because Peter is not able to take part this year due to PHD deadlines so I need [...]

Realities of LLU Talk / UKNOF7

So yesterday I gave the first airing of a talk I have wanted to give for a while called The Realities of LLU in Ireland at UKNOF7. The Title is a bit silly but such is life.
I am planning to give this talk or a version of it at BarCamp Dublin in a few weeks [...]