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Chessy Movie

Blackball. Who would believe Bowls could make such a good movie. Digital TV sometimes delivers little nuggets.

The Hacker’s Diet

So over Christmas I noticed that I had become more “cuddly” than normal and decided I needed to lose some weight as part of a general get healthy policy. At the same time colmmacc posted this article on losing weight with gnuplot. He brought to my attention The Hacker’s Diet which is a great [...]

Warpcon and the Best B&B in the World

So Warpcon XVI was on last weekend and so the LadyFriend and I decided to attend partly just to get a weekend away together following the madness of Project Delorean and my being on-call over Christmas and New Years. Also John and Janet were over following Johns return from his around the world travels. So [...]

Why the Glasses

So what were we looking at using the silly 3D glasses.

This was painted by people during the Customer Appreciation Event at Networkers with the help of some professional supervision. The blue and greens work really well with the glasses to give the impression of multiple layers somewhat like a Printed Circuit Board.

Too Much Information

So I was testing our new EPG (Electronic Programme Guide, the menu system on the Set Top Box) at home and one of the nice features is you can view the channel listings with the channels sorted by popularity the data for which is gathered in real time. This is a really cute feature which [...]

Who are these masked crusaders??

Thanks to Orly for the photo.

Key Bumping

Key Bumping is the process of opening a lock by putting a dummy key in the lock and hitting it. See this video for more info.