Archive for November 2005

Smoker Salary Adjustment

People who smoke should have to take a salary cut. Somewhere in the region of 10 - 15 %.

People on Boards

Having been reading and this rant is mainly because I can’t just flame all those people with misguided understanding of the ISP market as it would make work look bad. Anyone not interested look away now.

Where we are going we don’t need roads

Going to be very busy for the next few weeks but it should be fun.

Barn Raisings

I have decided that there are not enough barn raisings in the world as there should be.

This stunning insight came to me last night as I was watching Witness. Modern society seems to lack anything that has the communal aspect of something beyond the reach of one person in a single day.

My Brother the waster

He has finally achieved the holy grail and managed to find someone to pay him to watch TV.

I despair for the world.