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Yesterday brought to a close my quest to buy my first suit. This suit was needed because I shall be accompanying the Ladyfriend to a wedding this Friday and I needed to up my game as her ensemble is very impressive. Also this fills a gap in my wardrobe between slacks / shirt / tie [...]

Dentist Redux

Right then, Second visit to the dentist done. This time the filling better stay in.


Emergency visit to the dentist this morning. Hopefully tooth will behave.


I really wish I had one this week. This I don’t like.

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Short version: It kicked ass.

Long Version: It kicked ass. I managed to escape the death grip of Dublin traffic at it’s worst and meet Colmmacc and Noirin in the Porterhouse for a drink and some food before heading to the olympia. There was no support act, the band just took the stage and started playing. [...]

Weekend not over yet.

This weekend has been action packed. It started on Friday evening with a trip to the concert hall with the LadyFriend to see the R.T.É. Concert Orchestra performing the works of Ella Fitzgerald. The vocalist was a british jazz singer who despite some really bad microphone technique was very good. A good time was had [...]

more Paris

So to summarise my view of Paris as “Nice city to visit but not sure I want to live there”.

There are some nice little touches that we could do with here. Stuff like the metro doors open before the metro comes to a stop to minimise time spent in the station. I can here the [...]