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Dancing Breakthough

More on Paris in a bit, apologies for the lack of updates. I promise to update later today.

Last night at dancing myself and orly had a breakthrough. We managed to hold a spirited conversation and not notice the fact that we were waltzing around the room. We were very impressed and would now feel that [...]

More Paris

Notre Dame: check
Eiffel Tower: check
Roddin Muesem: was closed yesterday
Much Walking about Paris: check

I like Paris but I am not sure I could live here. Why not I hear the masses demand. Well basicly because it isn’t Ireland. Though the working public transport might help me get over it. That and the taxi ride from the [...]


Last Chance Journeys - Siberia

The second part of this documentary is on TG4 this wednesday at 10:30. It is well worth watching even if you haven’t seen the first part. It is this sort of thing that justifies Public Service Broadcasting not the usual crud that leaks out of Montrose.

A film on the greatest [...]

Live from Paris

Greetings from paris. It as all good. First impressions is that it kicks ass.

It must be true

Got my first set of business cards today. This whole job thing must be serious.

Furthermore I have come to detest any kind of procurement process. Vendors are horrid.

bru na boinne

The highlight of the weekend was a trip out to the OPWs very impressive visitors centre at Newgrange. The tours of Newgrange were sold out so we went to Knowth and as a first time visitor to this landmark site I was very impressed. I have now decided that OPW staff are execpt from my [...]