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Still Worth Reading

Despite being at least nine years old this article is still a good read. Warning: Neal Stephenson wrote it.

Physical Layouts

One thing that I have been thinking about a little lately is how physical organisation of spaces affect how people relate to each other and their perceptions of themselves and others. Need to find some reading material on the topic I think.

Small World

Yesterday brought even more proof that the world is tiny. Rob had joined the team here shortly after I did and it turned out he was living in Kildare not far from where I was from and in a somewhat world shrinking move was renting the house he was in from my old Engineering [...]


So the house I live in was built in 1956 and nothing was ever changed so it was only last November that central heating appeared in the building. Barring the odd extra sockets which had been put in over the years the wiring dated from the buildings construction and lacked things like an earth, circuits [...]

Feeling the Need

I really want to go climb some hills but both this weekend and next have stuff arranged. This whole working thing takes up way way too much of ones life. I have never managed to get to the top of Lugnaquilla and have decided it is one of my goals for this summer.

Plan would be [...]

Dell and BIOS upgrades

Dell has made me unhappy. I have a new GX280 desktop that has been giving me troubles with video settings so I wanted to update the BIOS as some people had reported that this had helped fix things. Now dell provide an exe that you can run from the desktop if your a windows user [...]