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svn co $HOME

So long ago I read an article from Joey Hess on keeping ones home directory in CVS and was attracted to the concept but never quite got arround to it and the later read his Subversion article and then just before going on holidays found this tutorial which had some nice explanations on how to [...]

New Job

So I got this new job thing with Magnet Networks in their Network Development team. I started last Wednesday and it was a pretty hectic first few days. Monday was my last day with HEAnet and it was wierd to think I won;t be working there anymore after two years fulltime and just over [...]

LAMM Chops

So you are standing on a knoll which you have identified on your map despite the fact that you can see no more than 5 metres due to heavy mist / fog. Now your next control is 200 metres away due east so you pull out your trusty compass only to discover that the needle is spinning in the housing. Thats right folks this here hill is littered with magnetic rocks. This day can only get better.

On the LAMM

About to leave for the airport to head to Scotland for LAMM with Peter. Transport details have worked themselves out and we are sharing a hire car with a couple from belfast. Should get us to the event centre before 19:00 rather than the 22:00 it was looking like by train.

The weather forecast is [...]

Post Ball roundup

Ball was lots of fun. Got to try out some of my dance moves with the LadyFriend on a dance floor we had all to ourselves which was lots of fun. The dress did indeed go swish lots. At some point during the visit we also watched The Princess Bride which was part [...]

Summer Ball

No greater proof of how much I like the LadyFriend can there be than my being up at 4a.m. to go visit for the summer ball, which was when this whole adventure began last year.

Also on the cards for this longer than usual visit is a Ben Folds concert that was originally secheduled for last [...]

So I mentioned in the previous post that I had a new machine intended for use as a sever at home. This is a shuttle that I ordered on monday from komplett with a 1.75GHz AMD CPU and 1GB of crucial ram. I had planned to raid 5 three 160GB Hard Disks which had been [...]


So I have a new computer (A shuttle I plan to use as a small server for home) and so it needed a hostname. Now would be a good time to mention that my naming system to date has been female names (they just sound nicer) and so it became joining grainne, aine, sorcha, [...]


Myself and Peter took part in this event last year and it failed to kill us so we are going back to try again.

Due to various reasons not enough training has happened this year but hopefully the weather will be kinder.

At least I hope so.

5 Songs

Alison Krauss & Union Station - The boy who wouldn’t hoe corn
Nickel Creek - Reasons Why
U2 feat. BB King - When love comes to town
Sister Hazel - Your Winter
Johnny Cash - Hurt

I don’t have a copy of Hurt but I heard it yesterday on the TV and I was reminded of just how great a [...]