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19.7Mbits/sec Downstream
1.2Mbits/sec Upstream

I like it.

More Paris

Notre Dame: check
Eiffel Tower: check
Roddin Muesem: was closed yesterday
Much Walking about Paris: check

I like Paris but I am not sure I could live here. Why not I hear the masses demand. Well basicly because it isn’t Ireland. Though the working public transport might help me get over it. That and the taxi ride from the [...]

Live from Paris

Greetings from paris. It as all good. First impressions is that it kicks ass.

It must be true

Got my first set of business cards today. This whole job thing must be serious.

Furthermore I have come to detest any kind of procurement process. Vendors are horrid.

Small World

Yesterday brought even more proof that the world is tiny. Rob had joined the team here shortly after I did and it turned out he was living in Kildare not far from where I was from and in a somewhat world shrinking move was renting the house he was in from my old Engineering [...]

New Job

So I got this new job thing with Magnet Networks in their Network Development team. I started last Wednesday and it was a pretty hectic first few days. Monday was my last day with HEAnet and it was wierd to think I won;t be working there anymore after two years fulltime and just over [...]