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Realities of LLU Talk / UKNOF7

So yesterday I gave the first airing of a talk I have wanted to give for a while called The Realities of LLU in Ireland at UKNOF7. The Title is a bit silly but such is life.
I am planning to give this talk or a version of it at BarCamp Dublin in a few weeks [...]

Trains, Planes and Automobiles …

For good measure a boat as well. Got home this afternoon after being caught up in the fun in heathrow last night. Full story to follow.

This firewall thing.

Apologies that this is work related but it needs to be somewhere google can find it.
Every so often I see someone complaining on one forum or another *cough* *cough* complaining that we do not let customers configure the firewall on their modems. There is a reason for this.

The reason we don’t let customer configure [...]

Health and Saftey

Someone just posted the sign below above our water cooler in work. I despair for the state of the world.

Why the Glasses

So what were we looking at using the silly 3D glasses.

This was painted by people during the Customer Appreciation Event at Networkers with the help of some professional supervision. The blue and greens work really well with the glasses to give the impression of multiple layers somewhat like a Printed Circuit Board.

Too Much Information

So I was testing our new EPG (Electronic Programme Guide, the menu system on the Set Top Box) at home and one of the nice features is you can view the channel listings with the channels sorted by popularity the data for which is gathered in real time. This is a really cute feature which [...]

Live from Cannes

Living it up here at networkers in Cannes. Just spent all day learning even more multicast. Brain melting. Cisco Ireland have offered to buy me dinner though. So things are looking up.

People on Boards

Having been reading and this rant is mainly because I can’t just flame all those people with misguided understanding of the ISP market as it would make work look bad. Anyone not interested look away now.

Where we are going we don’t need roads

Going to be very busy for the next few weeks but it should be fun.

My Brother the waster

He has finally achieved the holy grail and managed to find someone to pay him to watch TV.

I despair for the world.