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Warpcon and the Best B&B in the World

So Warpcon XVI was on last weekend and so the LadyFriend and I decided to attend partly just to get a weekend away together following the madness of Project Delorean and my being on-call over Christmas and New Years. Also John and Janet were over following Johns return from his around the world travels. So [...]

Who are these masked crusaders??

Thanks to Orly for the photo.

more Paris

So to summarise my view of Paris as “Nice city to visit but not sure I want to live there”.

There are some nice little touches that we could do with here. Stuff like the metro doors open before the metro comes to a stop to minimise time spent in the station. I can here the [...]

More Paris

Notre Dame: check
Eiffel Tower: check
Roddin Muesem: was closed yesterday
Much Walking about Paris: check

I like Paris but I am not sure I could live here. Why not I hear the masses demand. Well basicly because it isn’t Ireland. Though the working public transport might help me get over it. That and the taxi ride from the [...]

Live from Paris

Greetings from paris. It as all good. First impressions is that it kicks ass.