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Camera Related Madness

Whats the first thing to do in New York. Thats right a trip to the B&H Super Store on 9th Avenue to buy some bits and pieces for my EOS 400D. The initial shopping list was short, just one lens and a flash but with the fact that things are much cheaper in the states [...]

We made it!

So the flight over was ok but really Aer Lingus what were you thinking, “Showbands 2″ is not an acceptable thing to show to mass murderers let alone tourists who we want to actually remember Ireland fondly. Besides the poor entertainment options the flight was uneventful, just long. It seems I am not cut out [...]

Realities of LLU Talk / UKNOF7

So yesterday I gave the first airing of a talk I have wanted to give for a while called The Realities of LLU in Ireland at UKNOF7. The Title is a bit silly but such is life.
I am planning to give this talk or a version of it at BarCamp Dublin in a few weeks [...]

Going to America

Flights are now booked for the LadyFriend and I great North American adventure of 2007. Going to Boston on the 29th of June and returning from Seattle on the 30th of July. In between there will be much adventure. One of the highlights will be travelling from Toronto to Vancouver via train.

It turned out to [...]

Weekend in Cork

Back from Warpcon in UCC with the LadyFriend where I came across the scene above. Garnish house rocked once more. Good times were had and I had a lot of fun with the camera. I uploaded 95 new photos to usual place. You should check them out. Those without access should drop me an email [...]

Trains, Planes and Automobiles …

For good measure a boat as well. Got home this afternoon after being caught up in the fun in heathrow last night. Full story to follow.

Voice over to my life

Siting in Leiden watching Jurassic Park with Colmmacc and expressing the opinion that along with Richard Attenbourgh, James Earl Jones would be the other person that should doing the voice over to my life. Imagine my joy to discover Mr Jones was presenting one of the special features on the DVD.

Things are all good.


It is snowing. Woot. We had been warned not to expect any snow.

Achill Sionnach

A good event which all the scouts enjoyed. The weather coperated with just enough rain to make things interesting.
We had a fire on the beach beside high camp on the Saturday night with some very humerous performances from both staff and scouts.
The photo below is the view I woke up to on Sunday morning.

Off to [...]

So LAMM is with us once again and this year we are off to the far north of Scotland. Inchnadamph in Assynt to be particular. Should be lots of fun. Our team number is 515 if you want to keep an eye on our progress over the weekend.