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Key Bumping

Key Bumping is the process of opening a lock by putting a dummy key in the lock and hitting it. See this video for more info.

People on Boards

Having been reading and this rant is mainly because I can’t just flame all those people with misguided understanding of the ISP market as it would make work look bad. Anyone not interested look away now.


19.7Mbits/sec Downstream
1.2Mbits/sec Upstream

I like it.

Still Worth Reading

Despite being at least nine years old this article is still a good read. Warning: Neal Stephenson wrote it.


So the house I live in was built in 1956 and nothing was ever changed so it was only last November that central heating appeared in the building. Barring the odd extra sockets which had been put in over the years the wiring dated from the buildings construction and lacked things like an earth, circuits [...]

Dell and BIOS upgrades

Dell has made me unhappy. I have a new GX280 desktop that has been giving me troubles with video settings so I wanted to update the BIOS as some people had reported that this had helped fix things. Now dell provide an exe that you can run from the desktop if your a windows user [...]

svn co $HOME

So long ago I read an article from Joey Hess on keeping ones home directory in CVS and was attracted to the concept but never quite got arround to it and the later read his Subversion article and then just before going on holidays found this tutorial which had some nice explanations on how to [...]

So I mentioned in the previous post that I had a new machine intended for use as a sever at home. This is a shuttle that I ordered on monday from komplett with a 1.75GHz AMD CPU and 1GB of crucial ram. I had planned to raid 5 three 160GB Hard Disks which had been [...]


So I have a new computer (A shuttle I plan to use as a small server for home) and so it needed a hostname. Now would be a good time to mention that my naming system to date has been female names (they just sound nicer) and so it became joining grainne, aine, sorcha, [...]