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observation of the day

Came across this on an internal blog and liked the description.
Think of good design in a system as a line of credit: just as purchasing new equipment for the business without generating income creates a debt against the credit line, adding features to a system without improving its design is “borrowing” against the capabilities [...]

electronic tolling systems are useless

So last Thursday evening it was decided that I should go and collect my LadyFriend from her place of employment and transport her to my place of residence as she was not feeling well and did not need to endure the perils of public transport. The route home involves crossing the East Link bridge so [...]

realtek 8168 multicast problems

I was having lots of problems last night and this morning with multicast not working correctly on a linux host. As soon as I started tcpdump multicast would work. It is not fun trying to troubleshoot a problem that goes away everytime you try to debug it.
Turns out the realtek r8169 driver doesn’t handle multicast [...]

RAW files are Large

So while attempting to copy all my photos from the Trans Canadian train journey onto my laptop it started whining about low disk space. It seems I have managed to produce somewhere in the region of 25GB of photos so far and there is another week to go. My short term plan is just to [...]


After sitting through Eoin O’Dell (photo below) talking about the legal challenges facing bloggers I am tempted never to post anything on the internet ever again. Barcamp was good fun and I was sorry to have to leave early and miss some of the later talks that I was interested in. Hopefully those who came [...]

Realities of LLU Talk / UKNOF7

So yesterday I gave the first airing of a talk I have wanted to give for a while called The Realities of LLU in Ireland at UKNOF7. The Title is a bit silly but such is life.
I am planning to give this talk or a version of it at BarCamp Dublin in a few weeks [...]

The Venice Project

Got my beta account today and despite Colm’s claims of how it isn’t ready etc I am very very impressed by what has been achieved in so short a time.

This may pose a significant challenge to my plans for the Colin Appreciation Channel.

This firewall thing.

Apologies that this is work related but it needs to be somewhere google can find it.
Every so often I see someone complaining on one forum or another *cough* *cough* complaining that we do not let customers configure the firewall on their modems. There is a reason for this.

The reason we don’t let customer configure [...]

Digital Terrestrial Television

So last week the DCMNR annouced a Pilot Digital Terrestrial Television service from Three Rock and Clermont Carn in Co Louth and according to media reports there will be approx 1000 Set Top Boxes given to test users during this two year pilot.

This is the kind of thing that gets me somewhat agitated about this [...]

Too Much Information

So I was testing our new EPG (Electronic Programme Guide, the menu system on the Set Top Box) at home and one of the nice features is you can view the channel listings with the channels sorted by popularity the data for which is gathered in real time. This is a really cute feature which [...]