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Barn Raisings

I have decided that there are not enough barn raisings in the world as there should be.

This stunning insight came to me last night as I was watching Witness. Modern society seems to lack anything that has the communal aspect of something beyond the reach of one person in a single day.


Yesterday brought to a close my quest to buy my first suit. This suit was needed because I shall be accompanying the Ladyfriend to a wedding this Friday and I needed to up my game as her ensemble is very impressive. Also this fills a gap in my wardrobe between slacks / shirt / tie [...]


I really wish I had one this week. This I don’t like.

Alison Krauss & Union Station

Short version: It kicked ass.

Long Version: It kicked ass. I managed to escape the death grip of Dublin traffic at it’s worst and meet Colmmacc and Noirin in the Porterhouse for a drink and some food before heading to the olympia. There was no support act, the band just took the stage and started playing. [...]

Physical Layouts

One thing that I have been thinking about a little lately is how physical organisation of spaces affect how people relate to each other and their perceptions of themselves and others. Need to find some reading material on the topic I think.

Best Bad Idea Ever!

So this whole online journal thingy, seemed like time I at least tried it so then my objections can be justified.