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Numbers matter

Live from the count at the RDS

INEX Multicast Talk

Yesterday I gave a talk on Multicast to the INEX members meeting. I was scheduled after Malcolm Hutty from LINX but I think I did ok.
My slides are here.
Malcolm was very impressive and congrats to the INEX team for putting together such a good day.

Scott Adams regains his voice

Scott Adams has regained his voice after 18 months. Just so amazing a story.
Read the Good News.

Three Good Restaurants

A quick roundup of three very nice restaurants that I have dined in recently.

Pakistani and Indian cuisine that tastes great and is served in some impressive bowls. They even passed my special test of bringing an extra spoon for the LadyFriend when only I have ordered dessert. They have never served me a bad meal [...]

Best Worst Movie Ever!!!

Caught this on TV a few weeks ago. The Best Worst Movie Ever.

While filming a advertisment, some extreme sports enthusiasts unwittingly stop a group of terrorists.

It has everything, the misunderstood blonde olympic skier who is trying to find her passion, the tomboy, the misfit secretly in love with the tomboy, central european war criminals, dramatic [...]

Turning over a new leaf

So I have decided I need to start writing more stuff here following some gentle prodding from the Lady Friend and others.
Due to a recent spate of comment spam and a security issue in wordpress I also decided to upgrade to wordpress 2.0 to get access to features like akismet and some new plugins for [...]

Redbrick Tenth Birthday

Just a quick update before I flee to visit the UK with the LadyFriend.

Many many old faces were seen and good time was had by all. Photos of the event are in the still being built photos part of the website.

It has been a long long time

Only noticed over the weekend that it has been awhile since I updated.
That is going to change this week as I have a bunch of stuff lined up ready to post. Also I have a pile of work related stuff I was saving for our corporate blog which has not arrived so I will post [...]

Chessy Movie

Blackball. Who would believe Bowls could make such a good movie. Digital TV sometimes delivers little nuggets.

Smoker Salary Adjustment

People who smoke should have to take a salary cut. Somewhere in the region of 10 - 15 %.