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So the house I live in was built in 1956 and nothing was ever changed so it was only last November that central heating appeared in the building. Barring the odd extra sockets which had been put in over the years the wiring dated from the buildings construction and lacked things like an earth, circuits [...]

Post Ball roundup

Ball was lots of fun. Got to try out some of my dance moves with the LadyFriend on a dance floor we had all to ourselves which was lots of fun. The dress did indeed go swish lots. At some point during the visit we also watched The Princess Bride which was part [...]

Summer Ball

No greater proof of how much I like the LadyFriend can there be than my being up at 4a.m. to go visit for the summer ball, which was when this whole adventure began last year.

Also on the cards for this longer than usual visit is a Ben Folds concert that was originally secheduled for last [...]