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She said yes!

In a move that caught everyone by surprise including myself I asked my Ladyfriend to marry me while we were in Rome last week. Following only the briefest of pauses to exclaim surprise the Lady said yes.

Weekend in Cork

Back from Warpcon in UCC with the LadyFriend where I came across the scene above. Garnish house rocked once more. Good times were had and I had a lot of fun with the camera. I uploaded 95 new photos to usual place. You should check them out. Those without access should drop me an email [...]

Christmas Photos

Mince Pies…. Mmmmhhhhh…. I am quite fond of them. Hope everyone is having a good Christmas

Voice over to my life

Siting in Leiden watching Jurassic Park with Colmmacc and expressing the opinion that along with Richard Attenbourgh, James Earl Jones would be the other person that should doing the voice over to my life. Imagine my joy to discover Mr Jones was presenting one of the special features on the DVD.

Things are all good.

Doctor Doctor

I need to find a decent GP on the northside of Dublin, preferably close to / in Clontarf. Answers on a postcard please.

Dentist Redux

Right then, Second visit to the dentist done. This time the filling better stay in.


Emergency visit to the dentist this morning. Hopefully tooth will behave.

Weekend not over yet.

This weekend has been action packed. It started on Friday evening with a trip to the concert hall with the LadyFriend to see the R.T.É. Concert Orchestra performing the works of Ella Fitzgerald. The vocalist was a british jazz singer who despite some really bad microphone technique was very good. A good time was had [...]

Dancing Breakthough

More on Paris in a bit, apologies for the lack of updates. I promise to update later today.

Last night at dancing myself and orly had a breakthrough. We managed to hold a spirited conversation and not notice the fact that we were waltzing around the room. We were very impressed and would now feel that [...]

Small World

Yesterday brought even more proof that the world is tiny. Rob had joined the team here shortly after I did and it turned out he was living in Kildare not far from where I was from and in a somewhat world shrinking move was renting the house he was in from my old Engineering [...]