We made it!

So the flight over was ok but really Aer Lingus what were you thinking, “Showbands 2″ is not an acceptable thing to show to mass murderers let alone tourists who we want to actually remember Ireland fondly. Besides the poor entertainment options the flight was uneventful, just long. It seems I am not cut out for long haul.

Thursday was a bit hectic with trying to make sure I had most of my work stuff handed over to other people and doing things like learning how to setup my voicemail, “Hi this is colin, …”, along with one of those silly out of the office messages on my email. I have not yet gotten used to being without my phone.

So Boston is pretty snazzy and warm, so very very warm. It is Harborfest this week so lots of Tea Party recreation and similar going on. The Chowderfest tomorrow should be most enjoyable. Anyway it is nearly time to meet one of the Ladyfriend’s scary internet friends so until next time.