Realities of LLU Talk / UKNOF7

So yesterday I gave the first airing of a talk I have wanted to give for a while called The Realities of LLU in Ireland at UKNOF7. The Title is a bit silly but such is life.
I am planning to give this talk or a version of it at BarCamp Dublin in a few weeks but I have some doubts over how suitable it is for the event.

The talk covers a number of areas including brief history of irish telecoms that impacts on LLU, How an operator goes about unbundling an exchange, how do we unbundle customers to deliver services and finally what are the coming changes that will impact on LLU. The slides form a lose structure in which I talked about the nature of the ISP market in Ireland and anything else that seemed related.

John having recently joined the UKNOF Programme Committee ment that Colm from Joost and Donal from HEAnet were also giving talks which were really informative and in the case of Donal’s talk on NOC tools it gave me some interesting ideas for tools to use within Magnet.

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  1. Interesting UKNOF Talks…

    In reviewing the agenda from UKNOF which I was regrettably unable to attend, three talks of an Irish origin stood out.

    The realities of LLU in Ireland from Colin Whittaker of Magnet (the title says it all). There was also a British view offered: LLU …