So I mentioned in the previous post that I had a new machine intended for use as a sever at home. This is a shuttle that I ordered on monday from komplett with a 1.75GHz AMD CPU and 1GB of crucial ram. I had planned to raid 5 three 160GB Hard Disks which had been retired from the heanet ftp server, two of which had been running in a raid 1 setup in my desktop fine.

But alas the hard drives have decided not to play nice and the raid 5 array has gone kaput. Just ordered a pair of 200GB SATA drives which I will raid 1. This frees up the 5 1/4 inch bay which will probably get a DVD burner in due course.

Current planned list of services includes DHCP, DNS, Samba, subversion, audio playout device, shell accounts for my brothers to play with. Depending on how my connectivity pans out it may do some routing and firewalling. Anyone got any suggestions for other usefull services for a home network?

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    mailwasher rocks