INEX Multicast Talk

Yesterday I gave a talk on Multicast to the INEX members meeting. I was scheduled after Malcolm Hutty from LINX but I think I did ok.
My slides are here.
Malcolm was very impressive and congrats to the INEX team for putting together such a good day.


  1. Brian says:

    Your talk was indeed very useful! It’s very handy to hear about the experiences of people using multicast for more than testing purposes. Using it to support consumer grade production TV service certainly qualifies, and I for one would love to see more of the same at future Inex meetings.

  2. Colin - the multicast talk was very well received - thank you for that . In response to Brian’s comment, yes we are hoping to build on this format and increase the amount of high value talks/presentations at future meetings.
    We’re open to suggestions from potential contributors, so please do get in contact if there is a subject you would like covered or indeed would like to cover.