The Venice Project

Got my beta account today and despite Colm’s claims of how it isn’t ready etc I am very very impressed by what has been achieved in so short a time.

This may pose a significant challenge to my plans for the Colin Appreciation Channel.


  1. conall says:

    No, simply make the Colin Appreciation Channel also available on The Venice Project :)

  2. Tom Clarke says:

    Hey - we don’t know eachother, so I’m aware this is cheeky, but have you got a spare invite for the Beta? I understand if you don’t… just thought I’d ask!

  3. Keith says:

    Liked hearing your reactions to Venice. I hope you can also invite me into the beta. Thank you!

  4. Christian says:

    any chance you can send me an invite? Thanks!

  5. weiguang li says:

    Hi Colin,
    how’s your experience with “venice” sweet heart? :) am in China now, and am a big netpal and fans of P2P& skype, i found that there’s still no one gained the testing experiences in China like u, so that would be really great if i could have a token for invitation of “venice” baby, thanks a lot in advance. really looking forward for ur reply. maybe just sharing bit more experiences about “venice”. that would be great.

    my mail:


  6. Hi says:

    Hello. I’m experienced user & could be a good beta tester. Please send
    me invitation token, if it possible. Thanks in advance!

  7. Mares says:

    Exactly who is calling you sweetheart?