Three Good Restaurants

A quick roundup of three very nice restaurants that I have dined in recently.

lovely food

  • Kinara

    Pakistani and Indian cuisine that tastes great and is served in some impressive bowls. They even passed my special test of bringing an extra spoon for the LadyFriend when only I have ordered dessert. They have never served me a bad meal in many several visits. Also earning bonus points for finding room for a last minute reservation when the need arose.

  • Picasso

    Very nice Italian in Clontarf. A little pricey but really great food. Some of the seafood specials are amazing. Despite service which was a touch below par for the price range they still get a recomendation. I am reliably informed that they also posses a selection of authentic Italian liquors and beers.

  • Bella Cuba

    Just so as to not be all Clontarf based this fine eatery in Ballsbridge is also well worth a visit. Cuban quisine not being that common in this part of the world the whole menu is just that bit different. I will be returning soon.