Turning over a new leaf

So I have decided I need to start writing more stuff here following some gentle prodding from the Lady Friend and others.
Due to a recent spate of comment spam and a security issue in wordpress I also decided to upgrade to wordpress 2.0 to get access to features like akismet and some new plugins for doing tagging. The upgrade was painless and took only a few minutes.
So the current plan is to write two or three significant posts per week. I have a bunch of have written posts laying about which I will finish off and I am sure work will provide some inspiration.

The photo above was taken on the first day of the expedition during PEAK and is part of my experimentation with depth of field. I am impressed at how sharp the leaves are when the branch is out of focus. The photo is of a rhododendron, a plant which is slowly choking the native forest in killarney national park. If I could only get my hands on the person(s) who brought them into the country.