Warpcon and the Best B&B in the World

So Warpcon XVI was on last weekend and so the LadyFriend and I decided to attend partly just to get a weekend away together following the madness of Project Delorean and my being on-call over Christmas and New Years. Also John and Janet were over following Johns return from his around the world travels. So Friday was taken off and plans to get the train were hatched. An important part of this weekend was to pamper the LadyFriend and so a detailed search was undertaken to find a B&B that would provide the level of service that is required to impress the LadyFriend. After much research Garnish House was selected and a suitable room reserved. Now the LadyFriend had enthused about the joys of Jacuzzi baths in the past so this was one of the most important criteria.

Now lets just say Garnish House was under a lot of pressure to deliver the “Disney Experience” which is what the LadyFriend refers to travelling with me as being like. Something to do with birds landing on fingers and stuff. Here is the list of things they did which impressed us.

  • Served us fresh Scones along with Coffee and Apple Juice when we arrived on Friday.
  • Upgraded us to our own apartment.
  • Provided a weighing scales in our apartment for me to help maintain my diet. More on this in a later post.
  • Coped with John and Janet showing up at the main building (apartments were a few doors down the street) and managed to direct them to us even though John and Janet could only describe us to them.
  • Served some of the most amazing Breakfasts I have had in quite awhile.
  • Had a Jacizzi bath.
  • Kept our bags for us on Sunday and had Coffee and Scones ready for us when we came to collect them.
  • Presented the LadyFriend with a TeddyBear as we were leaving. Now named Howard after H.P. Lovecraft.

Winners of an E.S.P.D. Seal of Approval. We will be going back that is for sure.

So enough about the B&B and more about the con. Was lots of fun, even though I managed not to play any offical games. Got to spend time with John and Janet along with lots of other interesting Scotish Gamers. Got to witness serveral people in advanced states of inebriation on the Friday night. All in all a good weekend.

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  1. matt says:

    Man, I wish I’d made it to Warpcon myself now you remind me of Garnish House.

    Hot damn!