Yesterday brought to a close my quest to buy my first suit. This suit was needed because I shall be accompanying the Ladyfriend to a wedding this Friday and I needed to up my game as her ensemble is very impressive. Also this fills a gap in my wardrobe between slacks / shirt / tie and full on Black Tie. After lengthy research trips which involved trying on many many suits and learning all about two versus three buttons along with the whole straight or slanted pockets dilemma I found something that I like, which looks good and stears somewhat away from my natural tendancy to be conservative in regards to my wardrobe.

The selected suit is Charcoal Grey with a white Pinstripe. I had initially been leaning away from dark colours just to put some variety into my wardrobe but charcoal grey works for me and the pinstripe stops it being dull. This is being worn over a brilliant white shirt with double cuffs suitable for some cufflinks I just happen to have. This tie is black with a number of bold colours in the general area of red to liven things up. Photos will hopefully be provided following the wedding.

Today I found english cut the online journal of a bespoke savile row tailor.


  1. Donal says:

    Yeah, I read English Cut too. Almost makes me want a proper bespoke suit…almost. Oddly enough I bought my one and only suit to make my formal look match Denise’s at weddings…

  2. Steve says:

    Yeah, for me also.
    I just found English Cut last night.
    An amazing site with very talented old school tailors.
    Wish I could go there just to meet those men.
    It’s also good to hear that Savile Row will not be taken over by mall type business.