Alison Krauss & Union Station

Short version: It kicked ass.

Long Version: It kicked ass. I managed to escape the death grip of Dublin traffic at it’s worst and meet Colmmacc and Noirin in the Porterhouse for a drink and some food before heading to the olympia. There was no support act, the band just took the stage and started playing. Lots of stuff from the new album which I had been meaning to listen to before the show and I had been annoyed that I hadn’t but am now glad as my memory of these songs will be the live performance.

The level of musical skill every member of the band has is terrifing. The drummer reafirmed my belief that if you need anything more than brushes to play the drums you just ain’t good enough. Alison is prone to rambling when doing the talking between songs but wins the prize for covering a major tech screw up without most of the audience noticing.

There was a women behind us who felt the need to sing along at various points and lets just say she has no idea how close to death she came. Her behaviour would be equivilent to humming along in the concert hall during a performance. If you want to sing along go to witness or similar.