Weekend not over yet.

This weekend has been action packed. It started on Friday evening with a trip to the concert hall with the LadyFriend to see the R.T.É. Concert Orchestra performing the works of Ella Fitzgerald. The vocalist was a british jazz singer who despite some really bad microphone technique was very good. A good time was had by all. This was followed by a brief visit to a work do in the Mercantile where the theme of the night seemed to be “who is that, they work for us”. Mary also got to meet some of the people I talk about lots which was good and work people got to be amused with our whole unique nomenclature.

Saturday night was the night out to celebrate ten years of the LadyFriends spine still working. Grand Central on abbey street being the venue and very acceptable it was bar the absence of a dance floor which ruled out some intensive testing of the spine and associated motor skills. A fire in an apartment above the bar brought things to a close a little early at 1 a.m.

Sunday was a lazy day involving watching some DVDs including “The American President” which was part of my birthday present from the Ladyfriend. I also rewatched the last four episodes of Firefly.

To finish off the weekend tonight Colmmacc, Noirin, the LadyFriend, Colmmacc’s parents, the LadyFriend’s parents, her brother and myself are off to the Olympia to see Alison Krauss and Union Station.