5 Songs

  1. Alison Krauss & Union Station - The boy who wouldn’t hoe corn
  2. Nickel Creek - Reasons Why
  3. U2 feat. BB King - When love comes to town
  4. Sister Hazel - Your Winter
  5. Johnny Cash - Hurt

I don’t have a copy of Hurt but I heard it yesterday on the TV and I was reminded of just how great a song it is and how powerful Cash’s delivery can be.


  1. Mares says:

    I like that Nickel Creek song too but they are all a bit depressing aren’t they.

    Also seeing as you never comment on my journal will I go away now? In a parity measure. I’ve used up my two.

  2. colin says:

    Probably are a little bit on the sad side.
    Note to self: get more upbeat music.