So the house I live in was built in 1956 and nothing was ever changed so it was only last November that central heating appeared in the building. Barring the odd extra sockets which had been put in over the years the wiring dated from the buildings construction and lacked things like an earth, circuits rated at very low ampages for a modern house - kettle and washing machine could trip the downstairs circuit - oh and the circuit breakers used to take about 5 minutes to trip because the springs had taken a set. While pipes and water scare me electrical stuff I am quite happy with so the plumbing got outsourced but the rewiring we were going to do ourselves.

We got a lot of work done during Christmas but then we lost momentum until Andrew got a sudden spurt of enthusiasm at the beginning of July so this weekend was an all hands on deck event. Lots got done over the two days including:

  • Completion of 3 ring mains - upstairs, downstairs & kitchen/garage
  • Completion of the downstairs lighting circuit
  • Laying out routes for all the cat5 cables to reach the attic
  • Ran an earth to all the places that were not earthed before.

We didn’t do the upstairs lights since the attic would have been an oven with the weather over the weekend. Also left to be done is putting the earth rod in place and pulling the cat5 cables in. Then we get to replaster all the walls we made holes in and then and only then do we get to start on things like painting / carpeting and all the other doing up a house stuff.

One of the less than good consequences of all this work is that my hands and arms are cut up pretty bad since the finishes on all the holes in the joists are rough because who would ever going near them again. My other pet hate from the weekend is the person who decided that looping the exisitng cables over nails at points where there is no hatch in the floor made using the old cables as draw wires really challenging.

I apologise for how dull this entry has been but it was my whole weekend and it needed an entry.

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  1. Donal says:

    I feel your pain. I remember going under floorboards when much, *MUCH* younger and thinner, laying wire for my Dad’s old house in Donegal. Learned a lot about ring mains, though. |-)