Dell and BIOS upgrades

Dell has made me unhappy. I have a new GX280 desktop that has been giving me troubles with video settings so I wanted to update the BIOS as some people had reported that this had helped fix things. Now dell provide an exe that you can run from the desktop if your a windows user and for everyone else they have an exe that you need to put on a bootable dos floppy to flash the bios. Now two things, Firstly how do I get a bootable dos floppy given that windows won’t make them any more and secondly the machine doesn’t even have a floppy drive.

So Mr Dell here is my suggestion (you will also be getting this by email later) bootable cdrom images that include something like freedos if needs be.

In the end I defeated it using a USB floppy drive and some sites on the internet that had disk images I could write to a floppy from my windows laptop.
Didn’t fix the problem though but more on this later.