svn co $HOME

So long ago I read an article from Joey Hess on keeping ones home directory in CVS and was attracted to the concept but never quite got arround to it and the later read his Subversion article and then just before going on holidays found this tutorial which had some nice explanations on how to layout the repository for maximum flexibility.

Well with a new job and some new and some recently reinstalled computers I was looking at having to maintain 8 shell accounts day one and probably a few more over time so this was the ideal time to take the plunge. Only my account on loughan had any real amount of tweaking done so it was the one it imported first.
Everything went very smoothly and adding a new host to the system takes just two commands.

I figure the productivity gains I have made in the last week alone have justifed it and I expect it to make my life much much easier in the weeks and months ahead.


  1. Claire says:

    None of this post made any sense to me :)

  2. Noirin says:

    Even scarier, it all made sense to me…

  3. colin says:

    Subversion is the best thing ever!
    I plan to convert the rest of my team in work to using it for storing all our documents.

  4. conall says:

    And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try SVK. It’s an svn client with addons to provide distributed svn.

    So you can work with local repositories in different places, then sync the mirrored repositories back to the master respsotory, committing local changes in bulk.

    Plus it doesn’t use .svn directories, it keeps it’s metadata inside ~/.svk