New Job

So I got this new job thing with Magnet Networks in their Network Development team. I started last Wednesday and it was a pretty hectic first few days. Monday was my last day with HEAnet and it was wierd to think I won;t be working there anymore after two years fulltime and just over three since I started INTRA there. It was the longest I had ever worked in the same job and I will miss the people but time for a new challenge.

So just for the record Magnet build fibre to the home networks (henceforth ftth) and then deliver voice, video and data services, the so called triple play over this network. The entire network is IP based, so all the voice stuff is SIP, the TV is multicast MPEG2 and the data is just IP over ethernet, no PPPOE, no BRAS, no ATM switches. I get to have a tv on my desk for testing purposes. I work with three other engineers in the team who I knew to a greater or lesser extent before I started which was a nice way to begin. Best of all it is only a short cycle from home.

So your still laughing at my claim that the TV is for testing right. Well just to prove you wrong last thursday Boyan (head tech on the team) asked my to work on getting the set top boxes (STB) software upgrade system working. So I was given a STB that had no software image installed and some initial guidance on how the provisioning system worked. One of the Video guys had setup the servers which multicast out the software images on two differnet groups and all I had to do was to get the stb to learn these group ids. Well after much faffing about with tcpdump and ethereal victory was mine and the STB was happily letting me watch Wimbledon.

This whole multicasting out software upgrades is very clever and will be really usefull when we have to push upgrades to 20k+ STB at a go. This is a good time to point out that I can send commands to all of the STBs in the network at the same time. Thats right folks I get to make everyone watch the Colin Appreciation Channel whenever I want. I think I will like this job.